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This page is a central hub for navigating and understanding all the connections you've established through our platform - whether it's through a purchase, an email exchange, or a simple request for contact. This page is designed to give you a comprehensive overview of your interactions, allowing you to see the full spectrum of your business and personal connections at a glance. Explore your network, revisit past interactions, and foster meaningful relationships with individuals and businesses alike.

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Here you will find a complete list of sold packages for all your products. You can also manually add access for your users.

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If you already have an existing user registration and authentication mechanism, you can easily connect it to the system. This way, your existing users will have access to the products and services you offer through the platform without having to create a new, dedicated account. Definitely the most convenient solution!

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We send all requests using the POST method, the data is sent in JSON format. Additional data that you want to send with the request is not visible to the user. Remember to set appropriate access to external requests.

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Basic endpoint for logging in. It can be based on email and password or security code.
An address accepting new users in the form of an object containing email and password or security code.
Endpoint to the mechanism that starts the password recovery procedure. Only the user's email address is sent.
It is good practice to add a secret code to the request data. In this way, we can easily reject requests generated by bots.


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You can manually add new relationships such as people and companies and assign various labels, information, events and actions to them. They will be marked as manually added.



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You have the ability to analyze all events that are happening in the system and decide what should happen when they occur. For example, registering a new user may result in sending an email, sending a URL query to an external API, or generating a document or content via AI. And most importantly - all these things can be done at the same time!

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In the next step, it is possible to assign specific actions when the event takes place.

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